Grain brings baking back down to the fundamentals, gathering only the best locally-sourced, sustainably-harvested, organically-grown, highest-quality ingredients to bring clients the experience of gorgeous desserts that are packed full of exquisite flavor profiles and luxurious textures, crafted carefully by an artisan’s hands. Without the use of preservatives, artificial flavoring, food dyes, or fondant, Grain crafts one of a kind, nature-inspired, flavorful desserts for clients craving a sustainable-minded bakery that values ingredient sourcing and sustainable agriculture, without sacrificing taste. Blending seasonal bounty with herbs and edible floral notes, many of Grain’s most popular flavors are far from chocolate and vanilla. As well as offering some of the best traditionally-baked pastries around, we pride ourselves in our decadent gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and paleo options which have captured the hearts of diet-friendly clients from Snohomish to Issaquah to Seattle and beyond. We are known for our commitment to using only local and sustainable ingredients, lending to our strong partnerships with small local farmers, as well as our loyal clients who continue coming back for orders because of the high end pastries we serve.

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Some of Our Favorites


dark cacao & sea salted caramel cake

our best selling cake - a rich, decadent, moist, super dark chocolate cake, slathered with our signature grass-fed butter buttercream thats been folded with our signature in-house sea salted caramel sauce, topped with more of that sea salted caramel sauce goodness, and garnished with a healthy dose of Jacobson flaked sea salt pyramids. perfection.

artisan brownies

available in our traditional or sheet cake styles, these decadent indulgences are a dense, fudgey gluten-free and dairy-free dark chocolate goodness, topped with buttercream of choice, sauce of choice, and toppings of choice.


signature chocolate chunk cookies

our best selling cookie - a healthy dose of only the best grass-fed butter, along with a blend of local and organic sugars including muscovado, mixed with local, pastured eggs, the highest strain of vanilla extract and chopped organic 66% dark chocolate, these cookies lend to the best chocolate chunk you’ve likely ever eaten.



an Italian-style brioche doughnut, similar to malasadas (Hawaii), paczki (Poland) and the likes, the bomboloni is a fluffy, yeast-risen, grass-fed butter-based brioche doughnut that is fried, rolled in organic cane sugar, and filled with your filling of choice, included but not limited to curds (our favorites are lemon or passionfruit), custards (our favorites are salted honey raspberry or sea salted caramel), puddings, jams and preserves, or whipped cream cheese frosting (like in our cinnamon roll bomboloni). or, go savory with something like our everything bagel - instead of being rolled in sugar, it is rolled in a blend of poppy, white sesame, and black sesame seeds, mixed with garlic, onion and salt, then filled with whipped herbed cream cheese.
need we say more?


European-style scones

American-style scones just aren’t our jam (no pun intended). we tend to enjoy the moist, finer crumb of European-style scones, so that’s how Lauren started her original recipe. try any one of our seasonal or regular flavors, savory or sweet. our best selling savory is caramelized local organic red onions, asiago, and fresh chopped local organic dill. our best selling sweet is ever-changing, but our local organic wild lavender and organic earl gray is a pretty consistent favorite.


madagascar bourbon vanilla bean cake

our version of the traditional American white cake, or wedding cake. a fine but dense and moist crumb, speckled with the highest quality strain of vanilla bean paste. we use a rich, thick, local grass-fed buttermilk, accompanied by rich, grass-fed butter, and local pastured egg whites, our signature vanilla will change your mind about boring old white cake.


pumpkin bread

one of our best selling items, our paleo (gluten-free, dairy-free, grain-free and refined sugar-free) pumpkin bread is a healthy, nutritious and satisfying breakfast bread, with an aromatic organic blend of Korintje cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and cloves compliments organic roasted and pureed pumpkin, and is garnished with organic pumpkin seeds.


salted chocolate chunk cookies

the allergen friendly cookie winning over those without allergies - our salted chocolate chunk cookies are gluten-free and vegan, meaning no dairy and no eggs either. a special blend of sugars, ancient grains, organic oil, the highest strain of vanilla bean paste, and topped with a healthy dose of Jacobson flaked sea salt pyramids, the nutty flavor of this cookie (that is nut-free), will stop you in your tracks.

heirloom carrot cake

our second best selling cake - an heirloom by way of two definitions. an heirloom American cake, one of the ones all of our grandmas had in their repertoire. an heirloom variety of organic rainbow carrots are the only ones we use in our original carrot cake. studded with ground organic walnuts, and aromatized with a blend of organic spices - cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and cloves - as well as a dose of the highest quality strain of vanilla extract, our carrot cake is a stunner, in its simplest form.


ginger molasses & vanilla bean cream cheese sandwich cookies

soft, chewy, aromatic, almost-spicy ginger molasses cookies that have been rolled in organic cane sugar, sandwiched together with a vanilla bean cream cheese frosting. we jokingly call them our crack cookies.


savory galettes

we are known for our pie dough. it didn’t used to be that way, but Lauren has really honed in on her pie dough, perfecting her recipe to a nearly-laminated style flaky, all grass-fed butter crust. fill that beauty in with a savory filling, such as our blend of local organic leeks, shallots, diced pancetta, gruyere, and a bit of salt and pepper, and call it a meal.


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Lauren was incredible. We couldn’t make up our minds, so we settled on five cakes and some lemon loaves. Turns out, our guests were as indecisive as we were!! They each tried nearly all of them, and loved them all too! They were beautiful, delicious, and perfect. Lauren drove them all the way out to us, and though the heat didn’t work so well for the cakes, she whipped them back into shape in the kitchen before they were put out. I couldn’t even figure out what had happened to them! They were magical, perfect, and my only complaint is that we ate them after dinner so I was too full to eat all that much of them! Lauren will be our first stop for any important cakes from now on!!
— Kelsey Creeley, 2018 Bride
Every Thursday I head to the Snohomish Farmers Market to get a Gluten Free, Vegan cupcake before they sell out! The BEST cupcakes ever! I haven’t found a better tasting gluten free, vegan cupcake anywhere in the Puget Sound. Delicious!
— Nancy Smith
I happened across Grain after recently moving to Snohomish while we were wandering the farmers market. A salted caramel buttercream brownie caught my eye. We also tried the carrot cake (not realizing both were gluten free, something I usually look at as a negative). I’m not kidding when I say I think of that brownie on a daily basis. As for the carrot cake, I always went to Bakery Nouveau for carrot cake as it’s my partner’s favorite. We both agreed this was even better. They were literally the best baked goods I’ve ever had. You are doing something incredibly special. Keep it up!
— Jason Roberts
We are always looking for vegan options because my daughters are allergic to dairy, egg, peanut, and tree nuts. It makes my mama heart so happy that I was able to buy a slice of cake at the Snohomish Farmers Market and treat my girls! Can’t wait to have more!
— Mai Houvener
Amazing! You can taste the quality ingredients and the love. Lemon loaves, savory scones, morning brioche rolls and heirloom carrot cake are favorites, but the bombolinis are where it’s at; abundant pastry cream and perfect dough have ruined me for all future doughnuts. It’s worth every penny to support a cool and groovy baker who obviously puts their heart and soul into every bite.
— Chris Bickle
She offers delicious goodies that my whole family with various allergies can enjoy! She pays careful attention to her work and does a beautiful job with her baked goods. I also appreciate that she’s always gracious with questions since my crew has such special diet restrictions. One particular highlight along many is the unforgettable GF/V chocolate cupcakes with strawberry frosting she made last summer. The frosting was worth the splurge alone! Love this special baker and her amazing and scrumptious work!
— Jenny Ma
I realized after purchasing a slice of vanilla cake here that I had never before tasted REAL cake. The richness, density and moistness of these creations is unbelievable and easily rivals fancy bakeries of Seattle or SF. My favorite thing is to pick up a variety of whatever creations are available on the one day every two weeks she comes to Snohomish and invite friends over for dinner so I can blow their minds! How she is able to turn traditional standards like chocolate brownies and vanilla cake into gastronomical revelations is beyond me but I find myself counting the days until the next visit to Looking Glass Coffee.
— Juli Prentice & Family


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